Monday, August 31, 2015

***********Ever wanted to TRY Shakeology?****************

If you are interested in giving Shakeology a try, I am offering a special Facebook group in September! You can try ALL 6 available Shakeology flavors, learn all about the ingredients in Shakeology, and how they work with your body to boost your health. I will share some great Shakeology recipes, and help you find the consistency that is perfect for you!
This group usually fills up fast, so message me to reserve YOUR spot!!!
I want to make sure you understand everything that Shakeology has, offers and how it can add VALUE to your life!! & save you money!! Comment below with ME to learn how to reserve your spot for this EXCLUSIVE GROUP!

I am super excited to run this next group -- because Shakeology has done so much for me and my family...

==> For me: I was always a breakfast skipper, until I started ADDING Shakeology to my day as a breakfast meal replacement. I stay full longer, have fewer junk food cravings, and I have noticed an increase in energy (especially helpful since struggle with Epstein-barr virus).

==> My husband: he drinks Shakeology daily. When he doesn't drink it, he gets cranky, has low energy, and just feels (as he says) BLAH.

==> My 11 year old: He has NEVER like fruit (even as a baby), or veggies. He really likes Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, which has 3-5 servings of fruit/veggies per serving. And not with the Shakeology boosts, I can add in an EXTRA serving of greens, and he doesn't even notice!!!

==> My Dad: Started drinking Shakeology a little over a year ago, and STOPPED swinging through the McDonald's drive thru for breakfast each morning. He drinks it for breakfast and says it really does keep him full until lunch.

==> My Sister-in-law: Has been drinking Shakeology since January. She originally started to drink to to help lose her baby weigh after having twins. She CONTINUES to drink it because she LOVES how she can add a little PB2 to her shake every evening, and it tastes like a dessert treat. She says that she was REALLY surprised that Shakeology does what it says it will do - curb cravings, increase energy, and keep you fuller longer.

This is not meant to be the ONLY food you eat or drink, this is meant to ENHANCE AND SUPPLEMENT your nutrition...not be your nutrition. I want you to eat whole foods & real i'm going to hep you incorporate both of these for 56days so you can experience it first hand! You will sample all six Shakeology flavors...vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, greenberry, vegan chocolate and vegan tropical strawberry to find a flavor you fall in love with!
**not for coaches or those working with a coach**

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