Sunday, April 26, 2015

Attention Mamas!!

Seriously, this is so my life!!!!

IF YOU ARE ON FACEBOOK, keep reading......

MOM 2 MOM--are you ready to FIND your FIT? As moms we juggle about 17 different, wife, volunteer, taxi, career woman, nurse, cheerleader, housekeeper, chef, tutor, landscaper...and THAT leaves very little time to take care of ourselves! My team of healthy mamas is sharing their tips and helping YOU find YOUR fit in May!

What you will be given...
-A FREE hybrid exercise plan for ANY activity level that is a mixture of cardio, stretch and strength
-FREE top-notch workouts that can be done with limited equipment, space and TIME that you can stream immediately from ANYWHERE with WIFI
-One on one support from me as well as group support
-Strategies to fit exercise into your busy day
-Ideas for healthy, quick meals for you and your family
-Focus on time management, meal prep, guilt-free "me time", and overall health
-Unlimited nutrition guides that fit your goals & needs

If this is you, friend request me HERE, and in the comments below, comment "MOM" for details. I am looking for moms who are ready to actively participate and TAKE ACTION!

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