Tuesday, March 31, 2015

***Honesty moment.***

I am going to be REAL for a minute and share some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head.  I am so glad that you found my page, and that you choose to follow my daily posts!!!  I truly appreciate EACH and EVERY one of you that follow along on my journey.  As a fitness coach, I receive a lot of messages and questions about the products and programs that I use.  I LOVE sharing information about things that I know have worked for me.  Did you know that as a coach, I am NOT here to sell you products or programs?  Yes, I do enjoy a nice commission off the Beachbody products when I have customers purchase through me.  BUT, that is not my goal as a coach.  After YEARS of struggling with weight loss, and trying lots of different programs and products (some worked, and some didn't), I DO KNOW that not everyone will have the same successes with the same programs.  I DO KNOW that the same nutritional supplements are likely to work differently for EACH individual.  Our bodies and our lifestyles are NOT identical to each others, so why should our results from the SAME program be identical?  I DO KNOW that consistency and support with ANY program are the key ingredients to success.

Although, I LOVE Beachbody workout programs, and I think Shakeology is the BEST nutritional supplement that I can get my hands on, I KNOW that these things might not be right for for everyone.  My job as a coach is to HELP YOU.  Not to help you find a a program to purchase from me, or get you hooked on Shakeology, but just to HELP YOU.  I do have some amazing tools at my fingertips, and I think that Beachbody has top notch programs that can fit almost ANY lifestyle and fitness preference.  However, if you enjoy running and just want someone to support you and coach you through YOUR goal of running a 5K or half marathon, I am here for you!  I am a coach because I want to better MYSELF.  Helping others find their OWN path to fitness is what gives me purpose.  Helping others to succeed in their fitness goals, HELPS ME to stay focused on my own goals. 

I don't coach to make money.  I coach because I CARE.  I have turned my life around to become more healthy, energetic and confident in my own skin, and I just want others to feel good about themselves and be proud of who THEY are.  I don't recruit coaches so that I can advance my business and make money.  I recruit coaches because I find friends that have gone through similar changes in their lives, and they are looking for an opportunity to GIVE BACK.  Coaching comes from the heart, not the wallet.  

Coaching isn't about selling.  It is about helping.   Whatever your fitness or nutritional goals, I am here to help you find solutions.  If you need some extra support and motivation from a coach, then LET'S TALK.

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