Monday, March 9, 2015

Got Wifi? Get Beachbody On Demand!
ON DEMAND is HERE!!! You can work out--anytime, anywhere!! NOW, customers and coaches who have the Club Membership ($38 per quarter for a limited time -- lock it in now, I am positive this will be increasing!) will be eligible to stream their workouts anywhere, anytime!! Over $1500 worth of exclusive Beachbody programs are now available for just $2.99 a week on demand through a coach!

Think of it as Netflix for Fitness! Beachbody ON DEMAND will
stream several of your favorite fitness programs to your phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, computer, etc. Have you wanted to try P90X, Chalene Extreme, 10 Minute Trainer and a slew of other programs?

...and GET THIS: if you commit to the Club Challenge Pack you get 30 Days of Shakeology + 90 day access to $1,500 worth of programs for just $140. Say what!?!?

So much cool stuff! Along with On Demand, Beachbody Club membership also gives you access to personalized meal planning, live chats with celebrity trainers and 10% off of all purchases! You'll get a sneak peek at new programs and can try several different full Beachbody programs...for only $13 a month!

Questions? Want info? Just Club membership with On Demand or bundle it with a month of! Comment below as this is revolutionary--there is something for EVERYONE with On Demand!

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