Sunday, February 15, 2015

Simple steps to start YOUR healthier lifestyle

CHANGE is hard and changing our EATING HABITS is not as easy as it seems--especially when you have a family to get on board with healthier versions of the foods they love! The key??? START SMALL! Here are some tips:

--Start subbing healthier ingredients slowly. Replace oil with applesauce in muffins, add extra veggies to stew and replace one snack with piece of fruit.
--Reduce sugar in your recipes by 1/4 cup. In most baked goods, you will not notice!
--Add another vegetable to dinner. For example, if we have chicken, I will steam broccoli and also serve raw carrots (my kids' preference) and ask them to take both.
--Add in one extra glass of water every few days. Give them a water bottle that is their own and make it a goal/contest to drink by end of day. Use a sticker chart or something to reward the kids at the end of the week.
--Search the web or Pinterest for a healthy version of a processed food that you buy. Less chemicals, healthier ingredients, less sugar and fun to try something together!

What SMALL CHANGES are you making in your home?

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