Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gift the gift of Fitness

Do you find yourself watching infomercials for workouts and thought, "If I could just START with a program that wasn't so advanced, that was about 30 minutes a day, and I would still SEE results and get stronger so I could not only start but FINISH one of those more "advanced" programs..."

I have *BIG NEWS* for you! Tony Horton has come up with a program that will seriously CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The all new P90 has officially launched and it's TIME for YOU to see results! This is a revamped version of Power 90 - if you have Power 90 on your shelf at home, this is NOT THE SAME!10 workouts divided into sweat, sculpt and abs--month 1 = 25 min; month 2 = 35 min and month 3 = 45 min, plus a bonus AND a Saturday workout. A modifier is featured for all moves and is geared for you to start working out on day 1. A nutrition guide as well as a BONUS 6 Day Shred to help you lose IN THE FIRST WEEK!! is included.

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