Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What is coaching?

You asked, so here it is!
A few weeks ago, I put together this 5 day SNEAK PEEK into what I do as a Coach.
It was just done in a Facebook group where people could be a fly on the wall and learn a little more about what the heck I actually do and why I'm always raving about how it changed my life.
Yes, it's free. No, you don't have to do anything. This a NO PRESSURE setup because I remember when I was 1st learning about it as an ever-skeptic disbeliever, I did NOT want to be backed into a corner!
After a few years as a Coach, I've come to understand that as much as I love and believe in Coaching, it is NOT for everyone. If you're wondering if it's worth getting a bird's eye view of what this opportunity is all about, here's a list of who I know would appreciate learning more:
*If you're not thrilled with your current job
*If you love your job, but want more income
*If you have an entrepreneurial spirit
*If you love helping people
*If you are looking for a platform to INSPIRE
*If you have BIG DREAMS
*If you want to be a part of an incredible community
*If you want to be home with your kids someday
*If you are looking for a positive change in your life
*If you want to get in better shape or be healthier
*If you want to live out YOUR passions
*If you want to build a lucrative, passive income
*If you've always wanted your own business
*If you would love the opportunity to be rewarded and recognized for your hard work
*If you want to just learn more
*If you think this is a scam
*If you know that there is just something more to life...
Basically, all this is is information put together for you to use as you wish to learn if this is something that could change the course of your future like it has for me and so many others.
It begins Monday, so if you are interested in being added to the group, please LIKE this post and comment below!
It NEVER hurts to be informed.

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