Sunday, September 7, 2014


Shakeology is just a bunch of extracts, with no whole-food ingredients.
That’s not true. Whenever it’s possible and sustainable for the formula, the superfoods in Shakeology are preserved in their whole-food state to retain maximum nutrient value. It’s a very difficult process to use whole, plant-based ingredients so that the formula retains as much nutritional value as possible, but Shakeology has a whole team of scientists whose mission is to maximize the nutrition in every ingredient in Shakeology. Imagine trying to juice all those superfoods! Shakeology is way less expensive and a huge time-saver.

If you think you would like to try Shakeology and jump start YOUR healthy eating plan, join my 5 Day Shakeology shed on September 22. You will get 5 days worth of Shakeology and group support to help you along. Since this group usually fills up fast, I need to have commitments for this group by September 14. If you are interested, comment below or message me and I will send you more details.

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