Monday, August 11, 2014

Join My Team

Kinda, sorta think it would be cool to help others on their fitness journey? I would love to share with you exactly HOW I do just that! Join my FREE "what is coaching" Facebook group, starting August 15!!  To join, follow this link to my Facebook page and send me a message

Want to learn more, but are not ready to join my group? Then listen in on my 'What is Coaching' call on Tonight at 9:00pm (EST). My coaching friend Jennifer will be sharing our stories and answering questions. Leave a comment below and I will make sure to send your the number for the conference call.

**There is NO OBLIGATION to join anything to participate in either of these activities. I am only inviting you to learn more about what it takes to be a fitness coach.**

My coaching team is growing and I want you to be part of it...If getting paid to work out and help others become healthy sounds appealing to you, then let's talk! If you are wondering how you can morph your fitness hobby into a career, let's talk!

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