Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!!

A few quick party tips written up by my coaching friend, Laura! 

Are you worried about falling off track BBQing over Independence Day weekend? These 6 BBQ tips can help to save you hundreds of calories and keep your health and fitness goals on track.

1. Use small plates:
Research clearly shows that people who choose smaller plates and utensils eat less without even noticing it. The difference can be as substantial as 50% fewer calories consumed, yet report the same level of fullness and satisfaction. Try using a plate from the kids or dessert table.

2. Eat slowly:
People who eat more slowly tend to eat fewer calories over the course of a meal. BBQs are a perfect opportunity to pace yourself as you mix and mingle with friends and family. The more you’re chatting, the less you’re eating.

3. Eat healthiest foods first:
If you are eating slowly and off small plates, you may as well fill up on the healthiest stuff first. Salads (the leafy kind, not those slathered w/mayo or other calorie dense additions) are a great place to start. Watery vegetables slow digestion and have very few calories. Try to choose something with oil and protein as well, because these will help you feel full sooner.

4. Skip the chips, crackers and bread:
Refined carbohydrates may taste good, but offer little satisfaction, loads of calories and dangerous insulin spikes. Do yourself a favor and save your calories for the real and unrefined foods. You don’t have to eat your burger without a bun, but pass on the pointless chips and other snacks that lure you when you’re not thinking.

5. Keep desserts Small:
The difference between a large slice of cake and a smaller slice of cake can be hundreds of calories. You don’t have to pass on dessert completely, but keep your portion sizes in check. If you are making the desserts consider a substitute for sugars and/or oils to save on calories, but keep the flavor; here are some links that might help:

6. Think before you drink:
Are you planning on having a few drinks this weekend? The choices you make can really affect your weight loss goals. Think of this, one margarita can have 600-800 calories. If you were to have 3 of them, that is more calories than you should consume in an entire day. Try all natural fruit juice (use caution with those as well) instead of sugary drink mixes, substitute stevia or agave nectar with sugar and light beer. As always, drink lots of water and drink alcohol in moderation.
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