Monday, June 23, 2014

Coaching Internship opportunity

You follow my page for a reason. Maybe it is because you are a good friend and you want to support me (which I deeply appreciate). Maybe it is because you enjoy the recipes, workouts or tips that I share. Maybe it is because you feel inspired or motivated to make healthy changes in your life by following my journey. Whatever the reason, I am grateful!! Honestly, maintaining my page and keeping you engaged helps me to stay motivated. Helping others find their healthy journey makes me feel like I am giving something back to the world. I have learned to focus on the positive, surround myself with positive people, and make my world a much more positive place to live in.

If any of this sounds like something you might like to have in your life, then I invite you to join my 'Coaching at a Glance' internship. I is a 1 week group that I will be doing here on Facebook. I (along with my coaching friend, Jen) will be sharing my experiences as a coach, what I do everyday, and how it makes a difference in my life. The group is FREE, and a great opportunity to see how easy it is to help make the world a little brighter one day at a time

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