Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Burn Cals And Tone It All In Just 5 Minutes With This Move: The High Pull

For your first set, you'll complete each exercise for 20 reps. For your second set, you'll complete each exercise for 18 reps. You'll continue by reducing by 2 reps every set until you get to 0 or your 5 minutes is up—whichever happens first. Confused? This chart will clear things up.

** The secret sauce: efficiency. You'll alternate between two exercises (detailed below), consecutively. No rest between sets and reps!

Warning: You may find it super difficult or impossible to get all the way down to zero on your first attempt. But that's the beauty of it! The next time you try it, you'll most likely get a little further along.

*workout from SELF magazine.

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