Monday, March 3, 2014

Ultimate Reset Results

Last month I decided to take a huge leap with my nutrition and health, and I did Beachbody's Ultimate ResetUltimate Reset is a 21 Day detox/cleanse.  It focuses on teaching your body to recognize WHEN it is hungry and WHAT the best foods are to encourage a healthy YOU.  There is NO guess work with this program.  It tells you WHAT to eat, how to prepare your food, and how often to eat.  Recipes, shopping lists, and even cooking videos are included in the program!!  The program does include a series of supplements to aid the the detoxification of your body, not to add more chemicals!  Ultimate Reset uses a vegan diet to gently cleanse your body and restore it to optimum health.  The portion sizes are INCREDIBLE, and very filling!!!  I learned about some new foods, and new way to prepare some old favorites.    

Here are some of the meals from my reset.....

(some of recipes to follow in later posts)

 My personal results were awesome!!! I am down 8 pounds, I busted through a stubborn plateau, and I have lost inches!!
I don't take my before and after pics to be pretty, I take them so that I can SEE my progress. When you struggle to see numbers changing on the scale, pictures will give you proof that what you are doing IS WORKING.

I've had 4 kids...I earned my stretch marks. I have lost 60 pounds on my journey...I know my skin will always be flabby in places. I'm not perfect, and I am not yet finished with my journey. My goal is to be fit, healthy and confident. I am finally to a point where I am considering a 2 piece swimsuit, after YEARS of being embarrassed to even wear a swimsuit in public. My goal is to rock a bikini this summer!! It is only February, and I am well on my way! Who is with me?

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