Thursday, March 27, 2014

Congrats to My 21 Day Fix Facebook group!!!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my 21 Day Fix group this just 3 weeks, this group was down over 80 pounds, and inches galore!!!!

This group was so amazingly motivated!!! Listen to what they are saying about the 21 Day Fix
"The eating program was easy to follow with some pre-planning and I have really enjoyed the workouts! Not only have I lost inches, I looks like I am down about 2lbs this week! Here's to week 2!"
"My clothes fit better even though this was one heck of a stressful week. Having the shakes helps for when I need to leave in a hurry or don't have time to sit down and eat."
"My Favorite part is the ability to be home and still get a good workout. The containers keep me honest."
"I have to say I really like the way the workouts are set up. Even though the actual exercises can be "tough", they are not complicated. I like the fact that the sessions show the really buff people struggling with the workouts. I always hate it when I am the only one struggling with it. So for me, it makes me want to stay with the program."

Wow, I am so proud of my group!!!  I just started my second group this week, and I can't wait to see their results!!!  Interested in getting in on the 21 Day Fix program?  I start my NEXT group on April 24th! Message me for details!!!

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