Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healthy Challenge of the Week

Because making one small change at a time can greatly improve your overall health, I am starting #HealthyChallengeoftheWeek

This week's challenge: #Halfitup Half it up! 

Don't give up your favorites completely. Nobody wants to feel DEPRIVED!!! If there is a favorite food that you absolutely don't want to give up, try to half it up! You don't have to eat rice cakes and drink water all the time.

Suppose you are going out to dinner to celebrate your BFF's birthday. You don't want to stray from your healthy eating plan, but there is BIRTHDAY CAKE. If you really want a piece of that birthday cake, then HAVE IT!!! But don't have a full slice, go for just 1/2 a slice. Be sure to ENJOY every minute of it!

Can't give up that daily soda habit? The just cut back! Drink 1/2 the can a day, instead of the whole can.

Whatever your "splurge" is, try to do only 1/2. If you Half it up, then you won't feel deprived for missing out OR guilty for falling off track!!

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