Friday, January 24, 2014

P90X3 vs. T25
T25 vs. P90X3 - Which is better for me?

Love the idea of a 30 minute or less workout? Have you heard good things about T25 or P90X3, but you don't know which to choose? This might help....

T25 is a much faster, higher cardio workout. Trainer, Shaun T, keeps you motivated and encourages you to do your best! You are moving from the time the clock starts until the time the workout stops. YOU WILL SWEAT, and you will start seeing results quickly!

P90X3 focuses on resistance training and reps. Trainer, Tony Horton calls it muscle confusion. You are not gonna get bulky with resistance training, but you will build muscle faster, which will help you burn fat and maintain weight loss...once your body adjusts to the muscle building.

I have completed the T25 program and loved it. I am working through the P90X3 program and am really enjoying it too!

Melissa's Fitness level recommendations. Personally, I believe that if you are determined enough, ANYONE at ANY fitness level could attempt these programs. Everyone will struggle at first because you are learning new workout routines each day for a week. once you get the hang of what is going on, it is easy to figure out the modifications, or to modify it to something YOU can do. I can help you figure out which program will better meet your needs.

Equipment: T25 - comes with everything you need. You actually won't need any equipment until the second phase of the program anyway. The program comes with resistance bands, but I prefer to use weights (which are not included). A yoga mat or the Beachbody mini mat would be helpful if you are working out on a hard surface.

P90X3 - you will need weights or a resistance band...neither comes with the program, but can be ordered through Beachbody, or easily found elsewhere. P90X3 also uses a chin up bar, but it can be modified by using resistance bands instead and a door attachment instead.

Message me or comment below with your questions or for more info!!

Both programs are on sale, if you order a Challenge Pack through January 31!!!

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