Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coming in February!!!

I have some AWESOME group support scheduled for February!!!  I usually run these groups on Facebook, but if I have enough interest, I can run them on a private blog too!

  • 30 minute makeover (Don’t worry, it will be different next month J) - REALLY SERIOUS about weight loss, getting fit, or getting ripped? You need my 30 Minute Makeover group! Get your blood pumping with one of the 2 fantastic workout programs, Focus T25 or P90X3. Both are a workout in about 30 minutes! Both can provide AMAZING results. PLUS I will provide an online support group to keep you motivated and moving so you can achieve your fitness goals! 

  • Fabulous in February – With this group, you get to choose from 3 different programs, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, or Brazil Butt Lift.  All 3 workouts focus on slimming and sculpting your body!  Slim in 6 is an easy-to-follow blend of fat-burning cardio and sculpting moves to create fast weight loss and body-shaping results.  Hip Hop Abs – trainer, Shaun T shares his exclusive training techniques that target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques while you burn fat. Just Tilt, Tuck & Tighten and you're on your way to a flat, sexy midsection.  As a bonus, you will learn some cool dance moves along the way!!  Brazil Butt Lift uses cardio, dance, and a unique training method to work your rear end from every angle. You’ll shape your gluteal muscles into that perfectly round Brazilian bum bum (that’s Brazilian for booty!). You’ll lift your butt to look great from every angle, and you’ll firm your butt and thighs and melt away those stubborn saddlebags.

  • Shakeology Shed – Jump start your healthy eating plan, or just give Shakology a try by replacing 1 meal a day for 5 days with Shakeology.  This group also includes a quick clean eating tutorial.

Message me for more details about any of my groups.  I will help you get everything you need to participate,  and help you find a smart path to good health!

**Bonus - Nutrition + Fitness + Support= Success - Anyone that gives Shakeology a 30 day try with ANY group in February will not only accelerate their program results, but you will also receive a FREE shaker cup from me!!! The only catch is that you have to order your Shakeology through me. Message me for more details!

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