Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beginners Fat Blasting Workout

Everybody’s got to start somewhere! These slimming exercises are perfect for those of us who have gotten some gusto to begin changing our lifestyles, but may not be sure how or where to start our workout routines to lose body fat. Though soreness is a good thing, working out too hard at the start can lead to injury and discouragement. This simple 10 – 15 minute beginner’s total body fat blasting routine will have you losing body fat and boosting your self esteem as you begin your journey to getting fit! When you are ready for more, Beachbody's Slim in Six is an excellent beginner program that delivers in six weeks. Below is from

Perform the routine below 3 to 4 times weekly. For optimal results perform 4 times weekly.

Beginner’s Total Body Fat Blasting Routine:
**Side Lying Leg Lifts (Lie on your side with your head held up by your bottom arm folded. Slowly lift the leg facing upwards up, keeping your hips aligned. Let your leg down gently and repeat 15 times. Switch legs and do 15 reps as well).
**Body Weight Squat - Lower yourself in a wide stance with your feet under your knees. Go down to a 90-degree angle and come back up. Repeat 15 times.
**Knee Pushups - On the ground on all fours place your hands directly under your shoulders keeping your knees on the ground. Lower yourself gently to the ground and push back up slowly. Repeat 15 times.
**Hammer Curls - Standing upright holding dumbbells to your side, curl the dumbbell up until they nearly touch your chest. Slowly release and repeat 15 times.
**Crunches - Laying on the ground pull your legs up so your knees are bent. Without pulling on your head, lift your upper body up contracting your abs and return to the ground. Repeat 30 times if able to keep correct form

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