Thursday, December 26, 2013

Transformation Thursday: Nicole

It may have a funny name, but Brazil Butt Lift works, and Nicole has shown us the proof!

Here's her story:
Baby weight—30 pounds of it! That’s what I’ve been carting around for the past 6 years. So while I felt like I had it all: a beautiful and healthy son and daughter, an amazing and hot husband, and a successful career—I hated how I looked and felt. I was so embarrassed that I was wearing XXL’s, and sometimes a size 12 didn’t even fit anymore. I never struggled with weight before my pregnancies so it was frustrating that I couldn’t shed the pounds now. But at 5’ 3” and 164 pounds, I no longer felt as beautiful, sexy, or confident as I had in the past. At 36, I was done having babies, and done being overweight. Enough was enough. I so badly wanted the old me back!

Then one night while flipping channels I came across an infomercial for Brazil Butt Lift and it just seemed doable. I liked the mixture of workouts and I really liked the idea of not having to go farther than my house to work out. So I bought it, but sadly I must not have wanted the old me back bad enough because the program sat on a shelf and collected dust for a long time. While I had all the supplies and equipment I needed to lose weight, what I needed most was the strength to overcome my excuses. My number one excuse: NO TIME!

As summer approached I realized that if I didn’t lose weight now, it’d be another summer of feeling fat and ridiculing myself. It was time my actions started to speak louder than my words and lose weight. I worked really hard on building up my mental stamina so I could empower myself to believe that I really could do this. So with major support from my husband, I’d get home from work, go directly down to the basement, put in the DVD, blast my music, and focus on ME while my husband took care of the kids.

And in 90 short days I lost 36 pounds! I went from a size 12 to a 4, lost 5 inches in my waist, 4 inches in my hips, 3 inches in my chest, and 2 inches in both my arms and legs. Brazil Butt Lift was amazing. The pre-designed calendar told me exactly which workouts to do, and I never felt tortured by the clock because Leandro's energy kept me going and time went quick. I also liked feeling the immediately burn while working out.

Since completing the program I got my life back and so much more. I came to terms with the fact that eating healthy wasn’t enough—I needed to move. I also adopted a new attitude and way of life which now includes daily exercise to maintain the incredible life I now have. I’m so proud that not only have I achieved getting back to my pre-baby goal weight, but I’m in much better shape than I ever could have imagined. I even recently got bins of clothes down from the attic that I thought I'd never wear again. And while I love hearing compliments and praise from everyone about my success, I’m the most proud about being an inspiration to others (which I hear all the time) and to be setting a powerful example of health and wellness for my children! Thanks Beachbody.

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