Monday, December 30, 2013


I am starting the latest workout P90X3 this week!  I am so excited to try it and see what kind of results it will bring.  Be sure to follow my blog for updates and details about this workout program.  Here's a little bit of info to get you started....

Guess what? Did you know that P90X3 has 4 different class schedules so YOU can tailor the program to the results YOU want? That's right!

A "MASS" schedule if you're looking to put on muscle;  "LEAN" if you want to just Lean out (really great for the ladies who don't want to "bulk" up or "get ripped"); "CLASSIC" is what our test group did - basic schedule to get you RESULTS in every way, and; "DOUBLES" for those who have time for an hour workout or want to get to their desired goal twice as fast!

Something for EVERYONE! #P90X3 #30Minutes #Accelerated

Message me or email me for more info!!

Already interested and want to get P90X3?  Visit my website,  If you order by December 31, you can get an AMAZING deal on the P90X3 Challenge Pack (workout PLUS Shakeology meal replacement/protein shake). 

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