Thursday, November 21, 2013

Transformation Thursday: Rhonda-Sue

This mom of 3 got her youthful energy back and lost over 30 lbs with Shakeology® and Beachbody workout programs (Insanity, Turbofire and Aslyum). She entered her life-changing story in the Beachbody Challenge and won $1,000.

Read her story:
Before I started any Beachbody program, I felt miserable. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and self-conscience about my body. I HATED getting dressed and stayed in pajamas all day sometimes just to avoid putting on clothes. Having a five year old, three year old, and eight month old baby at the time, I felt tired, drained, and lethargic...ALWAYS. After I stopped breast-feeding, I started drinking energy drinks to gain energy but it didn't help. I felt very unhappy and it was starting to take a toll on other areas of my life. Completing a round of Insanity and then 90 days of Turbo Fire and now Insanity:Asylum has been LIFE CHANGING!!

The greatest challenge that I faced before beginning my Beachbody programs was finding the time to work out. As mentioned, I have three children ages five and under. I am in a full time Master's/Credential program. I take care of my elderly parents. I manage my family's household. I have Pre-School and Kindergarten drop offs and pick ups AND my husband works out of town during the week. But when you want it bad enough, you FIND THE TIME!! Thank God for Beachbody programs being "at-home" and the Challenge groups that I participated in that kept me accountable...because I had EVERY reason to fail and every EXCUSE to not workout. Insanity is short enough that I am able to get my workout in during the baby's nap time or when all of the children are sleeping at the end of the day. And by doing beachbody programs, I was able to take back my energy which actually increased my productivity during the day!!

Through Insanity and Turbofire, and now Insanity: Asylum, I have lost 35 lbs. and MAJOR inches. My husband says that I am "half the woman I was." I bought a new bathing suit the other day and it was a size MEDIUM, instead of the usual 2X-3X. I wore my bathing suit with a confidence and felt proud of how far I had come. I might not be at my goal weight yet, but it was the best feeling lounging by a pool without desperately searching for a towel to cover up with.

My life has changed since completing these beachbody programs. The person that I despised in my before picture is gone. I have my energy back... I have my confidence back... I have my youth back.... I have my LIFE BACK!! I am a new person and so very grateful that Beachbody programs paved the way for me to get healthy. I am eternally and genuinely grateful for this second chance at life that I have been blessed with. I am also very proud of becoming a Beachbody Coach and I am loving the positive influence that I am having on other people. I used to be so negative and down, and now I am just happy and grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you Beachbody!!!

I am a walking/talking advertisement for Shakeology, Results & Recovery, Energy & Endurance and P90X bars! Shakeology played a HUGE role in my transformation! I have been drinking Shakeology every single morning for breakfast for the last couple of months and I will never back. Shakeology is my "non-negotiable" along with my workout. It is my "coffee" in the morning. Not only does Shakeology taste absolutely amazing and satisfying, but it literally keeps me full! It curbs my cravings and gives me so much energy!! Without having this go-to meal every morning, I know I would not have lost over 30 pounds. Shakeology keeps me from skipping breakfast and from poor eating choices in the morning. My other love affairs: E & E - because it gets my butt up if I need an extra boost and helps me to push myself to my max! And R & R - because it is just so good! Not only does it help my muscles during and after tough workouts, but it tastes DELICIOUS in the middle of a workout & I crave it!! I had gestational diabetes with my three children and was pre-diabetic afterwards. After completing Turbo Fire (and Insanity) and drinking Shakeology daily, I am no longer pre-diabetic. Thank YOU!!

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