Thursday, November 14, 2013

Transformation Thursday: Jessica L

Jessica lost over 84 pounds with the help of Shakeology and Turbofire and Turbojam, and she won $1000!! Jessica has an inspirational story, and it is a must read!!

Jessica's story:
In 3rd grade I hit puberty early- gaining weight and the nickname of miss piggy. At 9 yrs old I weighted 120 lbs. Growing up i Never really ate health. Fast food was a huge staple of my diet. My freshmen yr of highschool (2001) I was diagnosed with PCOS. All throughout h/s I weight greater than 200 lbs. Became super overwhelmed 1st sem. of college, I slept instead of attending class and eventually dropped out. Spring '05 I attempted school again.That summer I was raped- The last thing he said was "The fat ones are weak, that's why I chose you." I became bulimic took diet pills, played w/ bulimirexia. progressively got worse - and dropped out again leaving the state. Ate fast food 5xweekly 2+x daily. Constant migraines, cancer cells in my cervix, etc Before starting with BB products I hated myself, was horribly depressed, and felt worthless.So bad I would shut my eyes in the shower to keep from seeing all the fat on my body.

I had let my self get so heavy that it hurt to walk. My joints ached, and my legs were constantly touching to the point they were rubbed raw. I had a miscarriage that was horrible. I knew it was my fault completely - I couldn't take care of my own body and self. There was no way I could possible take care of a new innocent life, much less keep up with it. I had let myself go so much I convinced myself that my new husband would be the next to leave if i didn't make some sort of change in my life.

I chose to start with just shakeology and work on the nutrition side in the beginning because that was the hardest aspect of my life. Everything i had read and been told said fitness was only a fraction of being healthy. I figured that I had better start with my weakest spot. I chose to use portions of turbo fire and turbo jam hybrid because of how encouraging Chalene was to me. Super encouraging and made me feel great about myself when she said it's ok if you can't get all the moves - just keep moving! The shakeology supported my transformation tremendously. My crazy food cravings are completely gone. The shakeology completely satisfies my previously unruly need for candy bars, icecream, and cake. I have amazingly heightened energy, my mood as well as my clearness of thought is incredible. Digestion as well as regularity used to be a problem for me. Not anymore!!

My results have been phenomenal for me. I have dropped nearly 90 pounds and am still going strong. My husband can wrap his arms all the way around me. I can be active and walk without tears from my knees trembling from all the weight and rubbing together from the thickness. My life has changed tremendously. Fast food has been completely wiped from my diet. I have had clear papsmears. I rarely have an migraines. I breathe easier. I can wear clothes that aren't in the plus size section in stores. My husband pays me a lot more attention

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