Thursday, October 24, 2013

Transformation Thursday: Donna

Meet Donna L.! She participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for August 12th! Way to go Donna!!!

Here is her story:
I’ve spent the last decade on thyroid medication, have battled severe bouts of clinical depression, and have been almost completely disabled for years due to fibromyalgia and inflammatory arthritis. And if that wasn’t enough, my most recent diagnosis was type 2 diabetes. In early 2012, I decided I could no longer live in this ill state of health and that it was time to finally do something. I knew I had to change because my body was giving out and I still had children to raise and grandchildren to enjoy. My doctors have been telling me for years that one of the best ways to manage many of my ailments was through eating clean and exercise, but I brushed their comments off and called the doctors crazy. I really thought that my medical issues made it IMPOSSIBLE to have the energy to change my diet or get any exercise—little did I know at the time how completely wrong I was.

My transformation all began one day when I saw a commercial for P90X that showed a guy who started the program weighing over 300 lbs. and I thought, “If he can do it, I certainly can!” All I wanted was to lose weight and not feel like a big blob of fat, but what I got in return was so much more. So I did P90X off and on as well as the elliptical machine at the gym, plus I started drinking green smoothies that I made at home—and for a while that worked, but then I hit a plateau that lasted four very long months. I needed something to get me over the hump. But what? I had no idea what to do, but thankfully, Molly, a Beachbody Coach, had the answer.

I joined Molly’s LES MILLS COMBAT Challenge Group and started drinking Shakeology daily, and after just one week I broke through my plateau, lost 8 lbs., and after the first month, I saw my body actually changing shape. My waist was getting slimmer, for the first time ever, and I could actually see definition in my abs!

Not only did COMBAT whip me into shape, Shakeology played a big part in my transformation as well. You see, I’ve been held hostage by terrible food cravings most of my life! They ruled me. Nothing I could do would make them go away—until Shakeology. Now I drink it every single day and don’t crave the things I used to. Before, my body was starved for nutrients, but now it’s finally being fed the stuff it needs. Plus, my Coach helped me realize how much time, and money, Shakeology saves me. I am amazed at how it makes me feel!

Now that I’m down 72 pounds (and almost as many inches) sometimes I don't even recognize myself in the mirror. I went from 258 lbs. to 186 and dropped 5 pant sizes. Today I’m an active, almost-50 year old woman who has fought fibromyalgia and won! The new me is healthy, (getting) slim, and active. I no longer have diabetes, am off almost all prescription medications, and have hope for my future. I’ve no longer resigned myself to growing old at a young age and believe that I’ll live long enough to meet my GREAT grandchildren!

Today, eating healthy and working out is just part of my daily life. I just started month two of Focus T-25—who knew I could do that!? And, I just signed up to run my second 5K in October! I was fat and sick for years. But not anymore. Thanks Beachbody.

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