Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tell me something Tuesday: My Kids

I have 4 kids - you probably know that because you follow my Blog . I find it amazing how each one is so different, yet they all essentially have the same genetic make up.

My only daughter is the oldest. She is is extremely well behaved (and always has been). She is motherly and always treats people in a respectful and kind way. She is really smart and creative. She always thinks outside of the box, and she is a WHIZ at math - currently a whole grade level ahead of her peers! I sometimes forget that she is only 11 because she really is the best helper any mom could wish for.

My oldest son is 9, and his mind is ALWAYS thinking. If you get him talking, look out because he isn't going to stop anyway soon....and he will talk to you with such excitement. He's always been like that! He has an excellent memory and loves to share with you all of the facts he learns from documentaries that he enjoys watching. He is amazing at creating new inventions or figuring out how things work. I am sure he will grow up to be some sort of engineer (his grandpas will both be proud if he does).

My 6 year old, middle son is the sweetest, biggest hearted child you will ever meet. He is sensitive and extremely caring. He loves to do everything his older brother and sister do, and will often pester them until they let him join in. Even though he is only in first grade, I can tell that he is going to be good at math, like his sister. Numbers just seem to make sense to him. Of all of my kids, he is the shyest and most quiet.

My youngest is a whole different ball game!!! He is 3 and he definitely knows he's the "baby" and if he doesn't want to get lost in the shuffle, he has to make sure he is heard. He is...ummm...WILLFUL. That is putting it politely. He definitely likes things done a certain way and is easily upset if they are not done to his liking. Under no certain terms will anything happen until HE IS READY - like potty training, or sleeping though the nigh...which he still isn't doing. sigh.....

I love my kids. they keep me on my toes, and challenge me daily - sometimes more that i would like . They are my pride and joy, and I wouldn't trade them for anything!!!

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