Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tell me something Tuesday: History

I LOVE history! I think it is so interesting to see how the human race has learned from past victories and mistakes. To see how the world and our ideas evolve and change over time. I even have a Bachelors in History from Ohio State University. My kids think it is a bit obnoxious to have to do their homeschool History classes with me - I am the worst when it comes to going off on a tangent, when I teach it. Even my vacations are usually historical in nature. My Absolute favorite vacation? Going to Washington D.C. and visiting all of the historical sites and learning (over and over) about the formation of this amazing country we live in!

What are you passionate about?

**The photo was taken last summer. That is me trying to intently listen to the tour guide at the United States Capitol building...while my 2 youngest children are clearly NOT interested. LOL!

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