Saturday, October 26, 2013

A little OSU history - Brutus Buckeye

In case you haven't seen it on this Blog before, I am graduate of The Ohio State University, and a huge buckeye fan!  On occasion, I like to share things that are not related to fitness and nutrition, but are about other things that I enjoy......
A little OSU history - Brutus Buckeye

One of the more visible symbols of Ohio State athletics is Brutus Buckeye, the school's mascot. In 1965, an art student designed and introduced the first Brutus, while the name was chosen in a contest. The mascot began as a hardened papier mache affair that looked like a bowling ball with legs. In 1975, a radical new Brutus was designed with a prune-like head and a man's body. That attempt was booed off the field and was re-worked, giving way to a mascot comparable to the beloved present-day Brutus.

The original choices for Ohio State's mascot included a ram, an elk, a moose and the leading candidate, a male deer. Due to the skittish nature of deer, the idea of a mascot was tabled until January 1941 when "Chris," a German police dog owned by an assistant cheerleader, made an appearance at a basketball game. The dog's career was short-lived and OSU remained without an official mascot until the 1960s.

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