Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keep your kids active too!!

Kids Fitness: It's never to early to encourage your kids to be fit and healthy! Most kids don't need a formal exercise program. I know my kids get a lot of exercise from running and playing outside with their friends. However, don't discourage them from formal exercise either. I let my kids join me when I do my workout DVD's, or they even have one of their very own (Shaun T's Fit Kids Club).  Encourage them to join you in exercise. If I'm going on a walk, I will often let them tag along with their bikes, or I will push my youngest in the stroller. Exercise as a family - a family bike ride or hike is a great way to fit in exercise AND quality family time!! 

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  1. Kids today staying active is important!!! Never was a issue growing up 80's!!! Couldn't keep us from outside being active!