Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Weight Watchers 360

Thank you so much to my friend, John Roark, for the Weight Watcher's 360 review!!
WeightWatchers 360 Program:
My new years resolution for 2013 was to start getting my health back on track and part 1 to this was losing weight. I needed something to get me focused on how I ate and what I ate. After hours/days/weeks of research and talking to many friends about programs and diets...WeightWatchers stood out the most.
This is the first time I've been on a program like this and I have to say for anyone venturing into the realm of diets and programs...WeightWatchers 360 is the best place to start. The biggest thing that pulled me to WW was the fact I didn't have to do a DRASTIC change to my diet and life. This is where most people fail. Changing too much too quick and you are almost always guaranteed to fail.
WeightWatchers 360 taught me portion control and that was the biggest accomplishment I first hit. I couldn't believe how much I was eating...especially in one sitting. Tracking my points became an addiction after a certain point and I didn't dare go over them for the day. I lost a total of 13lbs on the program and then started CrossFit (which is a whole different review...LOL!!!!) and this jumped me into a new phase in my life.
Now...some of you might have been on the older versions of WeightWatchers and I say do what works for you. But the newer 360 program really revolves around technology and diet. You can still attend meetings but everything interfaces with your own personal website or your own mobil device. In some cites/states you can use all 3 as part of the program.
Clearly the #1 choice of these items for me...was the mobil device. I used my phone for EVERYTHING and tracked EVERYTHING through it. I could scan products at the grocery store...find recipes...and connect with the WW Community.
The ultimate outcome of the program was that it taught me to eat the right way and right proportions! I phased myself off the program about a month ago and have been doing GREAT on my own. My next chapter has been fitness focused and I'm loving everything minute of it!!!!!
John Roark
Current pricing for WeightWatchers 360: $29.95 start up fee PLUS $18.95 per month. You can also opt to get a 3 month subscription for $56.85 (with the $29.95 start up fee). This information was gathered through a search of the WeightWatchers website. you will need to check yourself for the most current information.

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