Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Did You Know?

An occasional cheat treat or meal is fine. Be careful, though...if you don't limit the "cheats", they add up.
If you knew you would have to run 19-24 min on a treadmill for a 4 oz. glass of wine, would you have that second glass?
Here are some more eye openers:
2 scoops ice cream = jog 14 minutes
2 slices of cheese pizza = 99 minutes of weight training
a snack-size bag of chips = strength training for 1 1/2 hours
a can of cola = an hour's run
a 260 calorie energy bar with 20 grams of sugar =climb stairs for 25 minutes.

**Minutes of exercises are based on a 155 pound person and of course it depends on how hard you are working, but you get the picture! Choose your snacks wisely and be willing to pay the price!

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