Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beachbody Spotlight: Tony and The Kids, Tony and The Folks

Tony and the Kids:
Give your kids something to jump about! It's Tony & the Kids!, the fun and stimulating exercise program created just for kids (young and old!) by Tony Horton with Judi Williams.
There's never been a better way to get your kids excited about exercise and give them a fun way to burn off that excess energy!
Tony makes fitness fun! If you've seen Tony Horton in Power 90® or Power Half Hour™, you know just how entertaining and wacky he can be. He's the perfect "big kid" to motivate and lead your little kids through an array of fun and simple routines that anyone can do.
SPECIAL BONUS! After your kids experience the benefits of balance, coordination, and flexibility, a special "chat with Tony" will teach them the advantages of:
• Eating right
• Staying active
• Making healthy choices
Recommended for kids age 5 to 12 (and parents who act like kids!). Share a healthy habit that will give them a lifetime of rewards.
A portion of the proceeds goes to Friends of El Faro, a group that gives support to the El Faro Orphanage.

Currently, Tony and the Kids retails for $9.95, and can be found under the ‘more programs’ section of the shopping tab on my website


Tony and the Folks:
A great way for anyone age 55 and up, with the help of Tony Horton himself! It's Tony & the Folks! A fun half hour of fitness for anyone who wants to ease into a new exercise program. You'll get the heart pumping and blood flowing with each low-impact exercise presented in this program.
• Increase energy
• Reduce joint stiffness
• Improve flexibility, strength, and balance
All the moves in this program offer alternate positions to increase or decrease the intensity. It's truly one of the most entertaining ways to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle for someone new to fitness.
After you experience the benefits of this low-impact workout, you'll get Tony's take on maintaining good health and fitness habits in a special "chat with Tony."
Recommended for kids age 55–75! A small pillow, light weights (even soup cans will do), and a chair are all you need to get started.
A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of Tony and the Folks goes to Concern Foundation, an organization dedicated to funding cancer research. Concern Foundation is an independent volunteer organization dedicated to funding basic cancer research. It has helped raise over $23 million for cancer research since its inception.
Currently, Tony and the Folks retails for $9.95, and can be found under the ‘more programs’ section of the shopping tab on my website

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