Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekend Weakness

Do you have a 'Weekend Weakness'? You eat great during the week, exercise regularly, but when the weekend rolls around you fall apart. Guilty here!! Especially on long holiday weekends! Here's a few tips to get you through without feeling like you are backtracking:
  1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! More water = less room for mindless eating. Be sure to drink even more water if you plan to have an alcoholic beverage or two. 
  2. Cut down on carb loading. Skip the chips and hit the fruit or veggie tray. Have your hot dog, brat or burger without the bun. Try just 1 dessert instead of 6 .
  3. Stock up on exercise. Fit in a few double workouts on Thursday and Friday, so you don't beat yourself up about not working out over the weekend.
  4. Try informal exercise on the weekend. Gardening, mowing the lawn, playing with the kids, or taking a leisurely walk will still burn calories! 
  5. Commit to at least one good choice that you will stick to all weekend, and even if everything else goes out the window you will still have success on that one choice!

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