Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beachbody Fitness Spotlight: Focus T25

Last week, I started a Beachbody fitness spotlight on my Facebook Page.  I thought I would share it on here!

Do you have a home gym? I do, and it takes up very little space! My gym consists of great workout programs like these that I can pop into my DVD player whenever I want and get in a workout. I don't have to worry about paying for a membership, what the weather is like, or what time of the day it is...these workouts are ready when I am!!!

Did you know that Beachbody offers 36 different workout programs?!?!? You have probably heard of some of the more popular ones like Insanity, P90X, or Slim in 6. Have you heard of Tai Chang, Body Gospel, or Shaun T's Fit kids Club? Some of the workout programs cost as little as $9.95!! Can you imagine buying a home gym for only $10?!?!?

Today we will look at Focus T25...

This 10 week program is all about focus and intensity. You will spend 5 days a week focusing on cardio, strength and resistance, using mostly your own body weight, packed into a powerful 25 minute workout. There is a different workout for each day of the week, and the order shuffles around each week, so you won't get bored!

This is my current workout program. I LOVE it. This is the first truly intense workout program that I have tried. It pushes my endurance and skill limits. I still modify a lot, but I am STILL seeing results. My arms, shoulders, and legs are stronger and more defined. Although I still have some weight to lose in my stomach area, I am still starting to see some definition...and I am only on the 2nd week!!! The BEST PART...it is ONLY 25 minutes a day, 5 DAYS a week!!!

Currently Focus T25 retails for $119.85 plus FREE shipping!! You can get it here www.beachbodycoach.com/mb5155. As with ALL BeachBody products there is a 30 day money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?!?!

My results so far from Focus T25

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  1. Your legs and feet are beautiful in that photo above.